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On Valentine’s Day Let’s Celebrate Us and Self-love

February 14 is a day of celebrating love and showing appreciation to the people in our life, whether in a romantic or friendly manner. It’s a day when love is celebrated grandly with those dearest to us. Aren’t we omitting the most important one of all? Think about it for a second… If you thought of self-love, you are correct.

Commonly, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of Valentine’s Day is the love shared between two people. Isn’t it right? What about celebrating us- as the remarkable individuals that we are while emphasizing on the immense self-love we possess? The type of love that should be highly broadcast.

The admiration we have for ourselves must become number one on the priority list.

Self-love and self-appreciation are often impossible to find. Many devote years up to decades on a scavenger hunt trying to allocate it, though some never do. Once they do, the life of those who bump into it will be enriched forever. That’s priceless!

Unlike, any other type of love, self-love is comparable to a strong oak tree. No matter the weather conditions; whether it storms, rains, or shines, the tree will remain in the same place when shelter is needed. In simplest terms, all I’m stating is that the love of others may come and go. Regardless, we can only truly rely on the love we have for ourselves. 

A great deal of strength is an essential to fully realizing the importance of self-acceptance. The hardships fronted along the way aren’t few mandating the thoughts you once deemed as valid to be released. In detaching from those undeserving thoughts, one will also be letting go of the part of ourselves that is no longer a survival requisite as it belonged in the past.

Firstly, there has to be a homage to commemorate exceeding adversity and how far we have come despite the odds not being in our favor. That is a huge accomplishment! 

You didn’t allow self-doubt to consume your desire for improvement and kept pushing and pushing without giving up. It’s something you should be incredibly proud of, which calls for a big celebration.

Not having a partner, shouldn’t be an obstacle to not enjoy Valentine’s Day, quite the opposite. It ought to be a day to celebrate us along with all our achievements. Frankly, conquering the many daily life trials is the most significant sign of self-love we can show to ourselves. Naturally, it would have been easier to sit or stay in bed to swallow in self-petty, but you didn’t. Instead, you confronted head-on whichever challenge the day might have brought, doing the best you could do. Freaking admirable!

On Valentine’s Day, let’s pamper ourselves by engaging in our favorite things. Buy yourself flowers/chocolate, do a solo spa day/a self-care night, anything. The idea is for us to feel special without relying on or requiring the permission of anyone. In fact, Valentine’s shouldn’t be the only day we treat ourselves right. It should be something of a daily occurrence. Got it!

Cheers to being single and loving ourselves, unconditionally!

Stay Beautiful XoXo

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