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Never Change To Get Someone to Like You!

You cannot force a frog to turn into a prince like you can’t demand someone to like you.

If you think a person will change their mind about you the more you bend into their will, you’re wrongfully mistaking. The sun wouldn’t shine just because you want to or are well behaved.

Listen, when someone declares that they are not seeking a relationship and only looking to hook up. Don’t be stubborn enough to think you possess the ability to change their mind if you go with the flow.

Initially, we are keenly aware of what we want, although some might mislead you into thinking they desire the same thing as you. The facade could last hours or a few days as a way to test the waters.

Here is the thing; you will know if someone is truly interested in you by their actions and willingness to accommodate your needs. Simple as that!

The complex thing is when we try to distinguish something insincere as sincere. Propelling a relationship to work can only result in heartache due to your unwillingness to perceive what is apparent. Opportunities wouldn’t have an impact on their beliefs. The more chances you give, the more for granted they will take you because there is another opportunity already waiting for them.

Modifying who you are to be something they are in search of is a disaster. Unintentionally, you will become a slave to their mercy whether you notice it or not. They would play with you as a dog plays with his toys knowing it would go nowhere.

The stubbornness conducted you to believe you could persuade them to want the same thing as you do when they explicitly told you differently.

All the while, your feeling will be the one being toyed with, leaving you empty-handed in the end.

You cannot teach an old dog new tricks as you could lose your identity in the process. Never expect someone to wish for the same thing as you. The fixation will steer you to self-disrespect in an effort to amplify how deserving you are of their time and affection. It is not your job to make them sure of you!!!

The ideal way to deal with the situation is to accept things for what they are and to continue on. The action of moving on could release any self-induced pressure caused by pretending to be something you are not. Let me point out how impossible it is to convince someone to want something they don’t have an ache for.

Dating has taught me a critical lesson to always listen to what the other person wants and behaviors. If both of your needs don’t align, then it is time to carry on, no matter how attractive you think they are. Precious time shouldn’t be thrown away in meaningless conversation that will go nowhere. Besides, you could be using those minutes in more productive things.

If you need to force it, then it’s not worth it. One thing is fighting for what you want. Another is being so focused on making something work that will never work. Your infatuation to make it function could compels you to accept little crumbs of affection the individual is willing to hand you. Don’t call those crumbs love because they are far from that. Depict them as alluding treats- they are there to examine how much power he/she still has over you.

Remember, if you must beg, then it’s not love. It is infatuation!!!

Can’t stress this enough, always love yourself first to know when to walk away. Lingering around, waiting to receive a tiny replica of the same love you offer is a form of self-betrayal. Might not seem like it, but you are disrespecting yourself by not setting boundaries and taking what little they give you. Staying longer than necessary wouldn’t be equivalent to appreciation. On the contrary, it will only incite them to take you more for granted.

Never Force Someone Into Liking You!

Stay Beautiful XoXo

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