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Trusting You Was My Biggest Mistake

I placed my trust in your hands, unknowingly you’d take it for granted.

My trust was fragile, much like a delicate China vase.

Yet, you chose to juggle with it while walking on a tightrope.

I should have withdrawn it from your grasp when your intentions were as clear as water.

In a matter of minutes, it met the unforgiving concrete floor, becoming cracked and even frailer.

Blind to the truth, I returned it when I shouldn’t have.

Hoping that this time around you would take better care of it, but oh God, how wrong I was.

Next, you decided to ride a unicycle across the rope while balancing the vase on one finger, as if it were a basketball.

Not even a minute had passed when you dropped it once again, damaging it even further.

More important was catching yourself to avoid messing up that GQ face of yours, to hell with the vase.

All you had to do was hold it against your chest to ease the landing, which was too much to ask for.

Thanks to your careless and selfish actions, the beautiful artifact has become unrecognizable, now adorned with cracks.

For a moment, I thought I saw a hint of remorse on your face, but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

And yet, you cared not for an eternity, only for a fleeting few hours.

Hours that didn’t even amount to twenty-four, let alone a full day.

Ignoring my instincts, I returned it, hoping you would keep it safe, knowing it couldn’t endure another shatter.

As if that audacious act wasn’t enough, now you wanted to grasp a flaming stick with your mouth while tossing the vase into the air and riding an even tinier bike.

I knew the ending was inevitable, even if I wished otherwise.

So, I closed my eyes, as if it could obstruct the inescapable ending.

There was an immediate crash, and everything fell silent, as if time itself had paused.

In that moment, I despised myself for trusting you so blindly, disregarding the early signs of your childish actions.

Don’t bother attempting to piece it back together, for it can never return to its former self.

The pieces are a visible reminder of how I shouldn’t have placed such unwavering trust in you.

In the end, trusting you was my biggest mistake!

Stay Beautiful XoXo

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