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She’s Changed!

    You tell me she has changed; maybe she has.

    Not because she wanted to, but because life forced her to.

    Trust me: she misses being the carefree and wild girl; she once was.

    Unfortunately, that girl is long gone without any trace of ever coming back.

    The memory of what she once was, is the only thing left behind.

    Suddenly, she found herself in a boxing ring, fighting for her life, with no one in her corner.

    Each jab, punch and hook received caused the light in her eyes to turn from vivid to dull, snatching any trace of innocence that once adored her carefree soul.

    Ignored by those around her, forced her to search deep inside for the strength to keep on fighting.

    To win, she has had to defend for herself by relying only on herself realizing no one could be trusted.

    To survive, let alone be victorious, a savage like behavior was necessary, shattering the nice and obedient girl image she was known for.

    So, don’t accuse her of having changed because she can no longer be the girl, you want her to be.


Change is inevitable! As we age, the way we view certain things also change due to encountered experiences. Those experiences open our eyes to a vague reality, alternating our perspective.  As if a blindfold has been lifted from our eyes, allowing us to observe clearly the true nature of things. No longer blinded, our behavior is altered to compromise at the newly discovered realization.  It’s not like we wanted to change; in fact, we can no longer see things through the same opaque lenses that we once were.

Stay Beautiful XoXo


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