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To Be Free….A Quest for Freedom

Free as the wind, caressing the air on a windy day.

Free as the birds, soaring high above the sky.

Footloose as a leaf, floating down the river.

To be free is just what I want…

But somehow, it feels so out of reach.

Retained by fear, judgment, and self-doubt,

Akin to being locked up in a prison where no bars are visible, yet unable to break free.

My courage and faith gradually diminish with each failed attempt.

Somehow, I need to find the strength to run away from this confinement, but unable to figure out how to.

No longer will I be suppressed by nonsensical insecurities;

Escaping is the only answer.

The strength grows with every step taken towards the exit, feeling more like the Incredible Hulk.

Powerful enough to bend the bars that have held me captive for so long.

Finally, I am able to step onto the other side and be free once and for all.

Hi Loves,

Becoming free from whatever is holding us back is a dream achieved only by a fortunate few. It is nearly impossible to break free when you have been imprisoned by negativity, fears, doubts, people, and unwelcome situations for an extended period.

Gradually, we become enslaved by a life we don’t desire, yet we’re too afraid to escape from. Consequently, we grow accustomed to it, even when we shouldn’t.

For instance, you want to wear this adorable baby blue silk off-the-shoulder dress that you’ve been eager to flaunt for a while now but are apprehensive about. You can envision yourself confidently rocking the dress without a care in the world. Unfortunately, it’s all just a mirage.

The truth is, you wouldn’t dare wear it in public because your fears outweigh your desire. “It wouldn’t look good. I don’t have the right body for it. It will make my legs appear even skinnier than they already are.” All these unrealistic thoughts keep racing through your mind, reminding you why you shouldn’t wear it, when you actually should. In conclusion, fear, doubts, and negativity hinder us from pursuing what we genuinely want to do.

The issue is that we want to escape, but we lack the knowledge of how to do so or are too frightened by what we might encounter on the other side once we release whatever is constraining us.

Often, it reaches a point where we begin to question everything we long for, pondering whether it is wrong to yearn for what we so desperately want.

For example, you could be contemplating quitting a job in which you are miserable in, but you don’t do so due to fear of communicating your decision to your boss and the potential hardships that may come with it.  Similarly, feeling obligated to remain in a relationship to avoid hurting the other person.

The thing is, we often prioritize others over ourselves, becoming trapped in a situation we desperately want to escape. We need to break the chain, unlock the cage, and learn how to experience true freedom – the freedom to be ourselves in a world where people may criticize us for being different. We should be free to go wherever we want without others dictating our path, to break free from whatever is holding us back and to be free!

Stay Beautiful xoxo

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