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Should You Save Their Number?

Well, that is an interesting question! Should you save their number in your contact if you just started talking? My honest answer is NO.

Why is that? You might be wondering. Simple, to save you time if things don’t work out. You would not have to go into your contacts, find their number, and then hit delete. Moreover, to prevent emotional attachment.

Frankly, I can count on one hand the number of contacts I have saved throughout my online dating experience. That doesn’t mean I have only talked to those guys, but they were the ones with whom I had the deepest connections with. Somehow, they earned a spot in my contacts only because I felt there could be potential for more.

Look, until my friends refer to you by a name and not “which one” or any other nickname is when the eight digits will be added alongside a proper name. Before then, you will be like any other person on the street- a stranger. Why should I consider conserving your number? If the numbers on my contact are from those dearest to my heart and you are not that, yet.

Some might consider it as a stuck-up move. Honestly, that is far from it! Take into account, how dating has become such a joke, which drains any little hope you could have of finding someone worthy. Plus, you reckon; why include the entire carton of eggs in one basket if I’m unsure how secure it is.

Astonishing, how quickly people can alter their emotions towards you. One day you can be talking fine, but the next, they could disappear from the face of the earth. The level of inconsistency is utterly incredible!!! Waiting to see if a seed turns into a weed or a gorgeous flower is effortless compared to planting it and later having to unplanted it.

Do you instantly put in your contact the number of the person you started speaking to after exchanging digits? Curious to know!  

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