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Should Let You Go!

I should let you go!

Even your T-shirt has let you go.

But I just can’t.

Your woody smell still invades my snouts when I think of you.

A save heaven of smell especially when I have your white-T against my skin.

I once felt safe, not knowing it was slowly turning me into an addict.

An addict that could not get enough, only to keep wanting more

How do I train my brain to stop craving you? When you are no longer on the menu.

And the only thing left is the aroma of you lingering around like the saltwater smell of the ocean freeze.

Let tell you I have tried.

All the attempts to replace you have failed.

No other smell measures up to yours- so inviting and addictive yet distant and intoxicating.

Not even smelling coffee beans can erase your smell from my brain.

For fuck sake, tell me, how do I reprogram my brain to begin rejecting any remanence of your smell.

Hitting the rejects button wishing it will expel the memory of you is not helping either.

My mind is not listening to me, but maybe it would listen to you as you have been in there since day one.

Hope, you would help me with that because I am ready to let you go even if I die trying.

Stay Beautiful XoXo

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