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Dear 2020,

2020, you were the worst!!!

I was wrong about you. I should have known because you were too good to be true. You came up like an avalanche, rapid, yet without warning, destroying everything in your path. A little heads-up would have been okay, but apparently, that was too much to ask.

Never in a million years would have imagined the roller coaster of emotions I had to endure all because of you. I’m not going to pretend to be sad about your departure, which is quite the opposite. Here, I thought you were going to be a breeze in the park, but you turned out to be a tornado. When I tried to hold on, you blew even harder, making it impossible to keep my grip. Try and try to look at the positive side of you, but I just can’t.

The harsh reality is that two negatives multiplied by each other do not always equal a positive.

Some minimal parts of you were not bad, and trust me when I say minimal. Even the darkest of the tunnel has a little crack letting light in the form of hope. The tiny split is a reminder to keep going even when there is not enough strength to do so.  Strength and willpower are more than enough to keep going forward. Even if the plot did not turn out as expected, rest assured the new version would be better than the previous one. I have the pen in hand and a blank sheet of paper to start writing the new volume.

See you never, 2020!

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Stay Beautiful XoXo

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