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Make Yourself a Priority and Learn How to Bloom Like a Flower

For flowers to bloom, they must be nurtured and watered with love and kindness. It’s a process that requires time and dedication.

Unfortunately, some flowers grow in less desirable environments where constant watering is a rarity. Yet, against all odds, they manage to thrive. The winds and unpredictable weather conditions may snatch away the comfort of belonging brought by the petals, leaving nothing but self-doubt and worthlessness. However, even with a few petals missing, their undeniable beauty remains, giving rise to an indistinguishable and transcending appeal.

Being unique is a privilege often overlooked or frowned upon due to a lack of understanding. It is a blessing in disguise that many wish for, but only a fortunate few are bestowed with. For instance, having fewer petals can make a rose appear more fragile compared to others.

Yet, let’s us not forget that looks can be deceiving, often causing things to appear different than they actually are.

More often than not, the naked eye is unable to grasp the incomparable inner strength of the rose or its ability to withstand even the craziest of storms. While additional petals may be visually appealing, blooming is not guaranteed by external factors alone; it is an action that emanates from within.

Whether a rose grows in an extravagant garden or the darkest corners of a forest, its flourishing is inevitable with a fighting spirit and the self-confidence to overcome adversity. One is not better than the other; the rose in the forest does not require a garden to acknowledge its beauty. True self-worth comes from deep within, not from external validation. With self-realization and a little help from Mother Nature, the rose can surpass any obstacle due to its inherent capabilities.

Happiness should come from within, not from external sources. Sadly, doubts are an integral part of life. At some point, we have all felt insecure, aware of the crippling effect it can have.

Accepting ourselves as we are is the key to discovering genuine happiness. Until then, happiness remains superficial.

It is impossible for an individual to bring joy into your life if you are not content with who you are. Nothing can be constructed without a solid foundation, as it could crumble at any time, leaving nothing behind. First, develop the art of self-love as it functions as a blueprint for the type of love we are seeking to receive. When the foundation is built on self-confidence, self-love, and self-admiration, it can withstand anything.

Dating can be fun, yet exhausting, especially when you’re unsure of what you want. While everyone desires someone special, issues arise when your entire happiness relies solely on the actions of the other person. The problem lies in surrendering complete control of your happiness when you should be the one in charge.

Never depend on anyone to bring happiness into your life because you would only be receiving a small portion of what you deserve.

Our relationship with ourselves should always take priority. So why don’t we prioritize it? We often allocate seventy-five percent of our energy to other relationships in search of acceptance. However, obtaining validation does not magically eliminate the battle we constantly face with our insecurities. Happiness is a mirage until we form a truce with our insecurities.

It’s okay to be selfish when striving for true happiness within ourselves.

Beginning to focus on ourselves can be challenging, especially if we are accustomed to prioritizing the needs of others. However, changing this mindset is not impossible; it simply requires effort. Utilize journaling as an ally to analyze the areas you wish to change. By writing down your thoughts, you gain a new perspective that was previously unseen. It also holds you accountable for things you might not have otherwise considered.

If you’ve been making excuses not to take up painting again, for example, write it down. Through scribbling, your mind will remind you of the joy that painting used to bring, rekindling your initial love for the art. You will reconnect with a part of yourself that you unknowingly lost, and that reconnection can bring immense joy. Each month, jot down one or two things that you would like to do, activities that make you truly happy.

Remember to make yourself happy before anyone else. You are capable of achieving anything.

Stay Beautiful XoXo

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