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Oops, I Beat You At Your Own Game!

Oops, I beat you at your own game.

It was never my intention, but it sort of happened.

Finally, after playing for so long and constantly losing…

The fingers on my hands and feet aren’t enough to count the number of times I have been defeated.

But that has changed!

Finally, I’m able to pinpoint exactly where I was going wrong.

The problem wasn’t that I was bad; I was simply ignoring the most important rule, nonetheless.

The trick was to not reveal your most valuable card, and I was doing exactly that.

I kept throwing card after card on the table, not giving two cents about it.

When being calculated and having the right strategy are crucial elements in this game.

Every opponent had their unique little strategy up their sleeves, which, of course, I didn’t.

No wonder why I kept losing!

So, I made it my mission to learn each rule to a tee.

Like a diligent student, I took extensive notes on each movement made, the use of words, and the charming way of enticement that never seemed to fail.

I absorbed everything I learned and put my newfound skills into practice, getting better with each round.

Then, we became opponents!

I instantly knew I had to use my best strategy if I wanted to win because your level of expertise was foreseeable.

And that’s exactly what I did!

With a clever, scheming plan, I was able to outsmart your every move and come out on top.

So, don’t be mad… Going against you was a coincidence, but beating you at your own game wasn’t.

Stay Beautiful XoXo

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