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Spring/Summer 2020: 3 Fashion Trends

A new spring season has arrived, meaning there are new fashion trends we need to have an eye out for. It doesn’t imply that you need to go and replace your entire wardroom with the latest garments, on the contrary, it is an opportunity for you to explore your creativity by working with clothes you already own, making them trendy. This will not only save you money in the long-run, but also contribute to protecting the environment as the fashion industry produces tons of waste harmful to our Mother Nature. We need to start being more conscious before it is too late.

Three Fashion Trends S/S 2020:

1: Pattern – Patterns are going to play a very important part in both Spring and Summer 2020. Unlike past seasons, I feel like there is going to be a wider selection of patterns to choose from. People can opt for something minimalistic or bold that would compliment their style. You can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe by getting a dress or top with your preferred pattern and pairing it with something from your closet. For example, if you get a polka dot top, you can opt to style it with your favorite pair of jeans with sneakers/ boots. The options are endless. 

Three patterns to look for

Polka Dots– my favorite 🙂 Polka dots remind me of Audrey Hepburn: old Hollywood chic. There are numerous ways to wear the pattern, for example, you can pair a polka dot blouse with some ripped jeans and a fun sandal. Or you could have a little more fun by mixing and matching different sizes and colors of polka dots.

Top: Forever21
Dress: Forever 21

Nature Inspire– As our Mother Nature is suffering due to climate change, tropical patterns will be something to be on the lookout for in this new decade. Patterns like the infamous green dress that JLo wore for the 2000 Grammys resembling nature and its beautiful wonders is an example of what we can expect. I feel the color green is going to be a prominent color for the spring and summer season as it is the color of nature and the forest. When opting to wear this trend, it is best to keep accessories to a minimum as you don’t want to overpower the pattern by wearing different trends at once. 

Photo: Christopher Kane
Photo: Venus
Photo: H&M

Stripes– Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal stripes are going to be a hot trend for the warmer months. They started making an appearance last year, but this year stripes are coming full force. If there were any rules as to how to wear them you can be throwing them out because the rules wouldn’t apply this year. You can wear both horizontal and vertical at once or any other type of stripe and be okay.

Photo: Oscar de la Renta
Photo: H&M
Photo: Forever 21

2: Short-shorts and Bermuda Shorts– Out with the long and in with the short-short and the Bermuda short.  Shorts are going to be a staple, especially on those hot days. The shorter the shorts the better. Alexandre Wang, Saint Laurent and Chanel, are examples of who have implemented this trend on their S/S 2020 shows. You can DIY this trend yourself by cutting an old pair of jeans. I have noticed the shorts who have a slanted cut would be preferred over the straight hemline as the slanted cut makes them more unique and fun. Bermuda shorts are a little longer and looser than the popular biker shorts. Usually, Bermuda shorts hemp end one inch above the knees and are generally tailored, making it easy to dress up or down.

Bermuda Shorts

Photo: Christian Siriano
Photo: ASOS
Photo: SHEIN


Photo: Alexander wang
Photo: SHEIN
Photo: Forever 21

3:Bright/Neon Colors- “Go bright or go home!” As the weather starts to warm up you will see bright colors everywhere. We have been familiar with match-mixing vivid colors since the early 2010s and it seems like this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This trend was all over the catwalk in the Jacquemus Spring 2020 show. Taking up this trend can be easy as you might have some fun and colorful pieces already in your closet from when color-blocking was big. The trend reminds me of the bright highlighter that smelled so wonderfully back in middle school.

Photo: Valentino
Photo: Asos
Photo: Shein

Which of these trends are you looking to try?

Stay Beautiful XoXo

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