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What am I Thankful for? MYSELF

It is that time of the year again!

A time to be thankful for and appreciate everything life has given us.

This year, I’m thankful for learning to love myself and prioritize my wants and needs.

I learned to love myself enough to appreciate who I am and to accept my flaws. It has been a long journey and extremely bumpy at times, worth it, nonetheless. Of course, I’m very much grateful for my family, friends, having food on the table, a roof over my head, Louise Hay, and the little things in life (better stop there because my list is endless).

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Still, I believe we often neglect to take the time to acknowledge who we are as individuals and the countless obstacles we overcame to reach where we are today.

Continuously, we place significant emphasis on comparing ourselves to others, causing us to overlook our own strength and remarkable qualities. Sadly, societal norms have ingrained in us the idea of rejecting individualism and instead conforming to predefined standards to establish our worth. This is a concept I have struggled with for years. When there is an intense desire to obtain minimal recognition, one will go to extremes lengths to attain it.

Learning to love ourselves above all else isn’t selfish; quite the opposite, it is a selfless act that we frequently neglect. Often, we become addicted to the desire of being included or part of a group, only to end up jeopardizing our happiness and uniqueness unknowingly. We spend so much time trying to fit in that we ultimately lose ourselves in the process.

For the first time in a very long while, I have come to terms with the fact that pleasing everyone is an impossible task. Constantly striving to please everyone only leads to misery and unhappiness. There’s nothing wrong with saying no, canceling plans, changing one’s mind, and looking out for oneself. That’s the essence of putting oneself first. Life is not meant to be lived for someone else; that would be merely existing. Though I’m not yet where I want to be, I’m making progress slowly and steadily.

Stay Beautiful XoXo

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