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The Ticking Sound Of The Clock As Time Goes By

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock—the fast, ticking sound of the clock gradually invades my mind as each second passes by.

Patiently, I sit in front and gaze at the hands of the clock moving from one number to the next.

The clock won’t stop telling time, no matter how much I want it to pause.

Instead, the hands of the clock keep moving faster and faster, showing no signs of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

As suddenly as lightning, seconds become minutes; minutes turn into hours; hours stretch into days; days evolve into weeks; weeks transform into months; and before I know it, months turn into years.

Then I find myself wondering where the time has gone.

As I remain seated in the same place, my eyes fixed on the hands that move around in a circular motion countless times.

Like a splash of cold water, I soon realize I’ve fallen behind, while time has raced far ahead.

I yearn to catch up desperately, but that endeavor seems impossible, igniting a sense of indignation.

Followed by a strong urge to smash the darn thing, so it stops reminding me of the time I have wasted doing nothing.

What good would it do if the clock doesn’t tell time anymore? No good at all.

Even if the clock is broken, time will continue to pass regardless.

Dwelling on the wasted time won’t rewind it.

Rather, focus on the time you have now, because it is the only time you are guaranteed.

Hi Loves,

We waste so much time procrastinating that we vaguely realize just how much time we have wasted doing nothing. No time machine or remote control could ever rewind or pause time; if that were the case, time would not be valuable.

Time is one of those things that is very limited, even when it might seem otherwise. Once it’s gone, it can never be regained. It’s human nature to leave everything for later, for tomorrow, or when one feels the time is right—which, in the end, is never right. So, I ask you, why wait for tomorrow or for the ‘right’ moment?

Tomorrow is just a promise with no guarantee. Right now, is the only thing we have guaranteed, not a minute more or less.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about time and how we tend to waste it. I’m guilty of procrastinating, often thinking I have all the time in the world at my fingertips when that is not the case. Soon, I realized I have not accomplished anything I wanted to do, always waiting for the ‘right moment’ to come.

Then time has flown by, feeling like a hundred miles per hour, and yet nothing has been achieved.

If there’s something you want to do but haven’t tackled yet, I encourage you to do it now and stop squandering any more time.

The time you’ve spent waiting can be invested in perfecting whatever it is you want to pursue. Time will keep moving forward no matter what. So it’s our responsibility to take advantage of the time we have currently before it slips away.

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