Freedom is just what I want…

Free like the wind caressing the air on a windy day.

Free like the birds spreading their wings ready to departure wherever their heart desire.

Free like a leaf floating freely down the river.

Freedom is just what I want…

But somehow I’m feeling restrained?

Incarcerated by fear, judgment, and self-doubt bigger than any desire to be free.

Locked up in a prison where no bars are visible yet unable to flee.

With every fail attempt to escape, my courage and faith gradually keep diminishing.

Don’t know if I will have the strength needed to fight against obstacles threatening to jeopardize any chance of freedom when trying to break away from this prison of insecurities.

Don’t ask me how I will escape? But I will find a way.

For too long, I have let fear of the unknown, people judgments and self-doubt controlled my every move and it needs to stop.

More than ready to leave all that behind and grasp to the freedom that I so greatly desire.

With a mission in mind, I build myself of courage as I began taking the first step towards the exit.

I hear a soft voice saying; “fear is just an imaginary thing, other will judge no matter what and quit questioning every action you take” tuning out any negativity.

My confidence level increases the more I listen to that little voice disappearing any barrier.

Finally, I’m able to cross to the other side and be free once and for all!


Hi Loves,

Being free from whatever is holding us back is a dream obtained only by a few lucky ones. When negative thoughts, fears, doubts, people, and unwanted situations have caged you in for so long, making it extremely difficult almost impossible to escape. Without knowing we become slaves into living a life we have no desire of living. Unfortunately, as time passes we become accustomed to feeling trap that it starts to feel normal, when it shouldn’t. For instant, you want to wear this cute baby blue silk off-the-shoulder dress you have been dying to wear it for a while now but are too afraid. Every time your eyes come into contact with the dress you imagine yourself pulling off the dress confidently and without a care in the world. But it is all just an illusion. The reality of it is that you wouldn’t dare to wear the dress to where others might see you for fear of what others might think when they see you wearing it. “It wouldn’t look good. I don’t have the body for it. It will make my leg appear skinnier than they already are.” All these thoughts keep running around in your head stating reasons why you shouldn’t wear it. In conclusion, fear, doubts, and negativity are responsible for keeping us away from doing what we want to do.

The problem is that we want to escape but don’t know how to or are too afraid of what we will find on the other side once we let go of whatever is holding us back. Often it comes to a point where we questioned everything we want thinking that it is wrong wanting what we so desperately want. For example wanting to quit a job in which you are miserable at but don’t because you are afraid of communicating your decision to your boss and the hardships that might come with it. Also feeling obligated to stay in a relationship because you don’t want to hurt the other person. The thing is that we think of ourselves last becoming stuck in a place where we so desperately want to evade. We need to break the chain or unlock the cage and learn how to be free. Free to be ourselves in a place where people point the finger at you for being different. Free to go where ever you want to go without having people directing you. Escape from whatever is holding you back and be free!


What I wore:

Stay Beautiful-XXX

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