• Should Let You Go!

    I should let you go!
    Even your T-shirt has let you go.
    But I just can’t.
    Your woody smell still invades my snouts when I think of you.
    A save heaven of smell especially when I have your white-T against my skin.
    I once felt safe, not knowing it was slowly turning me into an addict.
    An addict that could not…

  • One More Year Until 30

    Hey Love,
    It is a little surreal that this would be my last year in my 20s. I would appreciate if someone would invent something so your birthday only comes once every two years. If you know where I could find that, please let me know. Lol
    In 29 years of living on this earth, life has…

  • Oops, I Beat You At Your Own Game!

    Oops, I beat you at your own game.
    It was never my intention, but it sort of happened.
    At last, considering how long I have been playing for and kept losing. 
    The fingers on my hands and feet aren’t enough to count the amount of times I have been defeated. 
    But not anymore!
    Finally, I’m able to pinpoint exactly where…

  • The Shining Knight That Never Returned

    My shining knight left and hasn’t returned.
    He said he was coming right back, but that right-back has turned into an eternity.
    Hope he knows his little princess anxiously awaits to hear the galloping of his horse.
    Late at night, she dreamed of him trading along the castle entrance all victorious after being gone for so long.
    All excitedly…

  • Trusting You Was My Biggest Mistake

    I put my trust in your hands unknowingly you would take it for granted.
        My trust was very fragile, like a delicate China vase.
        Then, you opted to juggle with it while walking on a tightrope.
        Should have subtracted it from your hands when your intentions were clear as water.

  • Change

        You tell me she has changed; maybe she has.
        Not because she wanted to, but because life forced her to.
        Trust me: she misses being the carefree and wild girl; she once was.
        Unfortunately, that girl is long gone without any trace of ever coming back.
        The memory…

  • To Be Free… Is What I Want

    Free like the wind caressing the air on a windy day
    Free like the birds flying high above the sky
    Free like a leaf floating down the river
    To be free is just what I want…
    But somehow it feels so out of reach
    Retain by fear, judgment, and self-doubt
    Like being locked up in a prison where no bars are…

  • Welcome 2018!

    Hi Loves,

    Happy New Year!!!  May 2018 be very prosperous, generous and all of your wishes come true.

    2017 has gone to the land of never to return. It was a roller coaster of a year for sure, but also full of acknowledgment. With the lessons learned I’m gradually finding my true self. 2018 will be an…

  • Let’s Be Thankful

    Hi Loves,
    We have a lot to be thankful for; waking up each morning, every breath we take, the ability to speak and walk, family and friends, being healthy and the list goes on. Often we overlook the simple things in life thinking they always will be there, not knowing that they can easily disappear when…