Romper to the Rescue

Hi Loves, Smile you are great! I can’t believe summer is half over. Days are becoming shorter plus a cold breeze roams the air at night. I just wish summer would last forever here on the East Coast, instead of just three months out of the twelve months. If you ask me, that’s not enough […]

Freedom is just what I want…

Free like the wind caressing the air on a windy day. Free like the birds spreading their wings ready to departure wherever their heart desire. Free like a leaf floating freely down the river. Freedom is just what I want… But somehow I’m feeling restrained? Incarcerated by fear, judgment, and self-doubt bigger than any desire […]


Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, the fast ticking sound of the clock gradually invades my head announcing each passing second. I patiently watch as the hands of the clock move from one number to another saying loud and clear that time waits for no one. It doesn’t matter how hard I wish it would stop telling time […]