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  • Change

        You tell me she has changed; maybe she has.
        Not because she wanted to, but because life forced her to.
        Trust me: she misses being the carefree and wild girl; she once was.
        Unfortunately, that girl is long gone without any trace of ever coming back.
        The memory […]

  • Ruffles and Leather

    Hi Loves,

    The blouse has a flamenco vibe going on with the ruffles on the sleeves and at the center. I purchased the top from Forever 21 at the beginning of Spring but never got a chance to wear it until now. Ruffles are still present this Fall 2018, in a more settle way compare to […]

  • Black From Head to Toe

    Hi Loves,

    It’s true what they say you can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. Even though we are in Spring where we are supposed to wear colorful clothing, there is nothing wrong wearing black from head to toe occasionally. So, I paired an old button-down shirt from Express (trust me when I say it […]

  • To be free is just what I want

    Free like the wind caressing the air on a windy day
    Free like the birds flying high above the sky
    Free like a leaf floating down the river
    To be free is just what I want…
    But somehow it feels so out of reach
    Retain by fear, judgment, and self-doubt
    Like being locked up in a prison where no bars are […]

  • Oscars 2018 Best Dressed

    Hi Loves,
    Hollywood was dress to impress, Sunday, March 4, 2018.   Celebrities came together to celebrate the biggest night in Hollywood as well in fashion. At home, viewers anxiously waited to see their favorite celebrity walk through the red carpet to see what they were wearing and by who.
    Let’s take a look at my favorite dresses […]

  • Premio Lo Nuestro 2018 Best Dressed

    Hi Loves,
    The night of February 22, 2018, was a night filled with Latin favor as Latinos came together to celebrate thirty years of Premio Lo Nuestro. The magenta carpet was the catwalk for some incredible looks. These looks were my favorite because they were so different and unique but yet classic and fashionable.
    Clarissa Molina
    The […]

  • Welcome 2018

    Hi Loves,
    Happy New Year!!!  May 2018 be very prosperous, generous and all of your wishes come true.
    2017 has gone to the land of never to return. It was a roller coaster of a year for sure, but also full of acknowledgment. With the lessons learned I’m gradually finding my true self. 2018 will be an […]

  • Let’s Be Thankful

    Hi Loves,
    We have a lot to be thankful for; waking up each morning, every breath we take, the ability to speak and walk, family and friends, being healthy and the list goes on. Often we overlook the simple things in life thinking they always will be there, not knowing that they can easily disappear when […]

  • Floral Dress in Autumn

    Hi Loves,
    Hope you guys are having a great day or night depending when you are reading this. Fall finally has arrived and so did the cool weather. However, that doesn’t mean we immediately have to pack up our summer dresses. Or does it?
    I have to say, autumn is my favorite season, especially when it comes […]

  • Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

    Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock, the fast ticking sound of the clock gradually invades my mind as each second pass by.
    Patiently I sit in front and watch the hands of the clock go from one number to the other.
    It wouldn’t stop telling time, doesn’t matter how much I want it to stop.
    Instead, the hands of the clock […]