• Should Let You Go!

    I should let you go!
    Even your T-shirt has let you go.
    But I just can’t.
    Your woody smell still invades my snouts when I think of you.
    A save heaven of smell especially when I have your white-T against my skin.
    I once felt safe, not knowing it was slowly turning me into an addict.
    An addict that could not…

  • Make Yourself a Priority and Bloom Like a Flower

    For a flower to bloom, it first needs to be nurtured and watered with love and kindness. It is a process that takes time and dedication. Unfortunately, some grow in less desirable environments where receiving constant water is rare, yet manage to strive regardless. Winds and unpredictable weather conditions can snatch off the comfort of…

  • When Should You Disclose Your Disability?

    Disclosing your disability to a potential interest can be nerve-racking, as they could interpret the news in numerous of ways. Waiting for their reaction can be rather crippling, knowing it could alter the direction of things. It is like putting a hand inside one of those black magic hats unsure what you would extract, yet…

  • One More Year Until 30

    Hey Love,
    It is a little surreal that this would be my last year in my 20s. I would appreciate if someone would invent something so your birthday only comes once every two years. If you know where I could find that, please let me know. Lol
    In 29 years of living on this earth, life has…

  • Oops, I Beat You At Your Own Game!

    Oops, I beat you at your own game.
    It was never my intention, but it sort of happened.
    At last, considering how long I have been playing for and kept losing. 
    The fingers on my hands and feet aren’t enough to count the amount of times I have been defeated. 
    But not anymore!
    Finally, I’m able to pinpoint exactly where…

  • Spring/Summer 2020: 3 Fashion Trends

    A new spring season has arrived, meaning there are new fashion trends we need to have an eye out for. It doesn’t imply that you need to go and replace your entire wardroom with the latest garments, on the contrary, it is an opportunity for you to explore your creativity by working with clothes you…

  • 3 Easy Steps to Start Working-out

    Hi Loves
    Today, I want to talk about a topic very dear to my heart, that is fitness. My love for fitness began approximately six years ago, the second year of community college. I remembered watching a Brazilian soap opera where the protagonist was working out instantly thought to myself, “aha, so that is how…

  • The Shining Knight That Never Returned

    My shining knight left and hasn’t returned.
    He said he was coming right back, but that right-back has turned into an eternity.
    Hope he knows his little princess anxiously awaits to hear the galloping of his horse.
    Late at night, she dreamed of him trading along the castle entrance all victorious after being gone for so long.
    All excitedly…

  • Stop… Don’t Settle

    Online dating is similar to an ice cream shop in having a wide variety of ice cream flavors to choose from. No need to settle for the first flavor you tried, when there are so many, especially if it is not satisfying. Why not try a few to see which one would match perfectly with…